Sports Ministry won’t appoint rugby coach-Director Sports

by Ravi Nagahawatte
The Ministry of Sports said on Monday that it would not appoint a national coach for rugby even though it was involved in calling for applications for this post.

Milton Amarasinghe, Director Sports, told ‘The Island’ that the Sports Ministry had received three applications for the post of national rugby coach and the appointment would be made by the Sri Lanka Rugby Football Union (SLRFU) with the supervision of the Sports Ministry. This appointment is for fifteen-a-side rugby and will be made before March 1.

Amarasinghe added that the Sports Ministry had decided to get involved in the selection of national coaches for all sports associations as there were complaints in the past regarding their appointments. He added that the names of the national coaches selected will have to be ratified by the Sports Minister.

Amarasinghe said that the existing vacancies for coaches in sports associations had been advertised in national newspapers.

Nalin de Silva, secretary SLRFU, when contacted said that he, alongwith Mohan Balasuriya, were nominated by the SLRFU to be involved in the selection of the national rugby coach along with Sports Ministry officials.

The national selection committee has withheld the selection of a fifteen-a-side rugby pool due to the absence of a national coach. The next assignment of the 15-a-side rugby team will be the Asian Quadrangular which is to take place soon.

There are no problems to be ironed out regarding the appointing of a coach and manager for the seven-a-side team as their appointments stand till the end of the Hong Kong Sevens Rugby Tournament in 2003.