LTTE should permit full check on child recruits — President’s spokesman

President’s spokesman Harim Peiris yesterday said that there should be "unfettered access" to LTTE camps by the UNICEF or representatives from the office of Olara Otunu to look into the child recruits of the LTTE.

Peiris said that offices of the UNICEF and relevant organisations should be opened in all areas of the North-East including the Wanni to receive complaints on child abductions by the LTTE. Earlier, the Presidential Secretariat said that the LTTE had strengthened its cadre force by 10,000 since the ceasefire MoU was signed and the majority of the new recruits were children.

Peiris said the government had a special responsibility since most of the new child recruits of the LTTE had been abducted from the government-controlled areas.

He said the President was pleased with the concern on children with the issue being discussed at the peace talks along with human rights matters. "However, just discussing and submitting reports won’t do. There should be concrete action taken and what we suggest is such effective action," he said. (KA)